Topic & Project Based Learning

Topic Based Learning Celebrations and Anniversaries

Our Topic Based Learning covers a variety of historic, cultural and international events. We encourage the students to think for themselves and extend reasoning, respecting other peoples’ moral and religious values. Through the lessons provided students are challenged to develop their ‘creative’ and ’reflective’ thinking skills.

The students’ prior knowledge is initially assessed at the start of each new topic. Formative assessment takes place at the end of each session through discussion, question and answers, word searches or a quiz. Each session is also evaluated by each student using a target sheet, traffic light self-assessment. Summative assessment occurs at the conclusion of each topic via a multiple choice test.

Project Based Learning

In Project Based Learning students are introduced to a variety of different topics including:

  • British Values and British Culture;
  • Human Rights;
  • World War 1;
  • World War 2;
  • The Vietnam War;
  • The Holocaust.


Project Based Learning aims to develop students’ awareness and understanding of significant events throughout history and the subsequent impact of people’s actions and behaviours. It also aims to foster an appreciation and understanding of British culture and values.