Art, Design & Technology

These sessions are designed to create useful items out of inexpensive every day materials so that students can easily reproduce the craft independently at home. Students are supported and encouraged to develop their own artistic style by developing their skills and other artistic traditions from a variety of historic, international Artisan cultures.


The main focus of assessment is on the effort that the student has employed in the session, not the artistic result. Initial assessment occurs verbally at the start of each session. Students are formatively assessed every session by using a target sheet, traffic light self-assessment. Summative assessment occurs at the conclusion of each different art form via a quiz or student presentation.


Some students also follow more bespoke art sessions where they:

  • develop useful skills enabling them to become more proficient in the controlled use of pencils and other tools used in art;
  • have the opportunity to express ideas and produce work where their ongoing abilities are fruitful;
  • improve confidence enabling them to produce some tangible form of art.