Physical Education

Physical Education

Physical activity, games, sports and pursuits are a huge aspect of our culture at Aspire Academy. Our Physical Education department aims to positively encourage participation in Physical Education lessons to aid the acquisition of physical skills, knowledge and understanding, promote and assist a healthy physical state and provide positive experiences of a wide range of physical activity as advised through National Curriculum guidelines.

Most importantly, we aim to encourage students to have a positive attitude towards themselves and their PE, to enjoy participating and have an open mind to many different types of physical activity. We aim for 100% of our students to participate in and actively enjoy their PE. By delivering a wide and diverse range of sports our hope is that every one of our students will find a sport they enjoy, show and develop their talent and pursue sport after they have left us.

Vocational Studies at Norton Radstock College

Our Key Stage 4 students attend Norton Radstock College for 2 days a week.  Here they are able to try elements of a Level 1 College course in Bricklaying, Horticulture and Animal Care.  The main aims are set out below.


  • Know about Health and Safety in the workplace and be aware of potential hazards as well as understand emergency procedures.
  • Gain knowledge of the tools and equipment used in all aspects of Bricklaying
  • Be able to use the tools in the correct and safe way and wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment as directed.
  • Be able to work responsibly with other students and staff and seek and respond to guidance when working as part of a team
  • Be able to set out their bricklaying area then follow the relevant instructions to construct a wall.
  • Gain a sense of achievement in completing tasks independently and take pride in what they do.


  • An outstanding opportunity to promote excellent teamwork amongst the students
  • To provide a balanced curriculum of Theory and Practical work
  • To be able to learn how to operate machinery such as a Leaf Blower and Lawnmower in a correct and safe manner
  • To be able to use all Gardening tools in a safe and correct manner, and look after them in the appropriate way
  • To complete Level 1 College assessments in the theoretical side such as “Plants and Trees” and practical assessments such as “Safe Working Practice”.
  • To provide an opportunity for experience and responsibility in a realistic work setting.

Animal Care

  • To promote a caring and responsible approach to working with all types of animals in a safe and nurturing setting
  • To give our students access to all aspects of the Level 1 College curriculum, both theoretical and practical
  • To gain a greater understanding of all aspects of an animal’s behaviour.
  • To gain greater all round knowledge of an animal’s habitat and its needs
  • To learn how to handle animals safely
  • To develop a greater understanding of all Health and Safety issues surrounding working with Animals.