Recreation for Life

Recreation for Life

We feel that it is important for all our students to be able to develop skills that are necessary or desirable for full participation in everyday life both whilst still at school and for after their education.

This is the main aim of our recreation for life unit. Within this students learn how to deal with, and gain real life experience of, many situations people take for granted.

Some of the topics pupils will cover include:

  • Using public transport
  • The importance of Public services
  • Setting up accounts

Through recreation for life we also aim to give students a wider experience of the life that is on their doorstep through visits to local beauty spots, museum’s and places of interest which they may otherwise never experience.

Aims – Key Stage 3

Pupils studying PSHE / CITIZENSHIP in Key Stage 3 should:

  • Learn about themselves as growing, maturing individuals and as members of their community who have independence, power and responsibility.
  • Become more self-aware and more capable of sophisticated moral reasoning.
  • Take more responsibility for themselves and become aware of the views, needs and rights of others.
  • Learn new skills to help them make decisions.
  • Learn how to plan and manage choices in their personal lives and future career.
  • Develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Learn to cope with changing relationships and understand how these can affect their health and well-being.
  • Make most of the opportunities presented to take part in the life of the school and the wider community.

Aims – Key Stage 4

Pupils studying PSHE / Citizenship in Key Stage 4 should:

  • Gain greater knowledge and understanding of spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues
  • Take new and more adult roles in the school and in the wider community
  • Take responsibility for their own learning and career choices by learning to set and realise personal targets.
  • Be able to clarify their opinions and attitudes through increased moral reasoning and in discussion with adults and their peers
  • Learn to understand and value relationship  with a wide range of people
  • Learn to respect the views, needs and rights of people of all ages.