Statement of Aims

The Maths Curriculum aims to re-engage students in their maths learning so that they are able to progress in the three main areas of maths education; developing fluency, reasoning mathematically and solving problems.

The previous experiences and individual learning abilities of students are taken into account when providing a programme of study for students.  In this way we aim to raise both their academic levels of achievement and their self-esteem and motivation as learners.  Our aim is to encourage a familiarisation with maths and an understanding of concepts which renders maths as a useful tool for the future not something to be feared, and this is executed through a personalised programme of study.



The objective of the Maths Department at Aspire Academy is to extend and enrich our students’ knowledge and use of maths across the curriculum and prepare them for further education, the world of work and the challenges presented in their future lives.


This involves:


  • Providing a supportive and positive learning environment to facilitate students’ progress mathematically

  • Inspiring students to embrace maths and to help alleviate any anxiety that surrounds learning maths

  • Encouraging students to think independently and creatively in maths

  • Incorporating practical ways of teaching maths which link teaching maths topics to other areas

  • Personalising learning programmes as appropriate to cater for a wide range of learning needs

  • Helping those students who have curriculum gaps to become more confident with mathematics

  • Encouraging entry into nationally recognised award qualifications, either in Functional Skills or GCSE level

With this in mind all students are assessed termly to monitor their progress within the maths attainment targets.



Both the KS3 and 4 curriculum KS3 Curriculum cover aspects of the maths subject content within the four maths attainment target areas:


  • Number and Algebra

  • Handling Data

  • Geometry and measures

  • Processes and Applications


The KS3 curriculum builds on Key Stage 2 programmes of study to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems. It follows a three year programme which builds on security of pupils’ understanding in order for them to progress to the next stage. Students who grasp concepts rapidly are challenged through being offered more complex problems before being expected to proceed to new concepts in preparation for KS4.  Those who are not sufficiently fluent are encouraged to consolidate their understanding through additional practice before moving on.


In KS4 students follow a two year programme of study which is tailored towards their individual abilities in order to gain a working understanding of maths which may lead to a range of nationally accredited qualifications. Lessons are supported by regular work on practice paper questions and ‘mock’ examinations are held as appropriate in the second term of Year 11, allowing for the identification and targeting of specific problem areas.