Art, Design & Technology

Design & Technology

Our aims are to ensure that pupils:

  • develop a skill at constructively critiquing the products and ideas of their own and that of others, then moving onto improving these.
  • build a repertoire of knowledge, understanding and skills in the design and construction of items.
  • will be encouraged to become confident, adaptable experimenters and developers in an ever-changing world.
  • Evolve their technical, creative and practical expertise in order to

Art & Design

Our aims are to ensure that pupils:

  • learn to produce creative work by exploring their ideas
  •  are encouraged to use their imaginations and link their creations to other subjects and topics; tying in their own personal interests and styles.
  • will be encouraged to develop their own style by developing skills at drawing, sculpture, painting, photography and other artistic traditions.
  • develop an understanding of the historical and cultural development of the various art forms.