Student & Family Support (SAFS)


Student & Family Support (SAFS) 
Who We Are 
The Student & Family Support (SAFS) Team is part of The Aspire Academy.  The team is made up of Student and Family Support Officers and the Senior Student and Family Support Manager. The team deals with the following: 
1. Fair Access cases 
2. Reintegration of students 
3. Managed moves of students 
What We Do 
We aim to support students with a successful reintegration into mainstream education. The students have often experienced either behavioural, emotional or social difficulties, or a combination of these. These difficulties can sometimes result in the student becoming disaffected from education, and this can impact upon their attendance, behaviour and self-esteem. We believe that the support we offer is vital to ensure that students can cope with the challenges they will face and will help them to successfully access learning in their new environment. 
The student can be supported by SAFS Officer for a period of up to 16 weeks 
Students fall under the ‘Fair Access’ category when they have no accessible school place and one or more of the following applies: 
1. Fair Access 
· A student has been permanently excluded from school 
· A student who is not on a school roll 
· A student returning from a period of Home Education (where the Children Missing Education Officer (CMEO) has deemed the pupil should be treated as Fair Access) 
· A student has less than 80% attendance over their last 12 months of full time education, or has been on a behaviour level 
2. Managed Move 
A Managed Move is an opportunity for a fresh start at another mainstream school and can occur for various reasons. Examples of these could be friendship issues or the relationship between home and school has broken down. Students remain on the roll of their home school until a decision has been reached by the Head teacher of the receiving school. Managed Moves can vary in length, but have an initial period of up to 16 weeks. The home school is encouraged to be involved in the process and attend regular review meetings. 
3. Reintegration 
Students fall under the ‘Reintegration’ category when the following applies: 
· A student has less than 80% attendance over a 1 year period 
· A pupil is returning to school after a period of time working with the Hospital Education and Reintegration Service (HERS) 
How We Receive Referrals 
Referrals are made by Schools (for MM’s and Reintegration) and Admissions (for FA) and discussed at the Area Panel Meetings that are held regularly and attended by Deputy Head Teachers or other school representatives. Further to the Panel agreeing on an appropriate action and placement to support the student’s needs, the referral is then passed to the SAFS Team. 
What We Do When We Receive a Referral 
The case is allocated to a SAFS Officer who contacts the family to carry out a home visit. They also make contact with the schools involved to begin an assessment of need and gather baseline information. The Officer will also make arrangements for an initial meeting at the receiving school.  Using all of the information gathered, success criteria will be agreed with the pupil for them to work toward throughout the intervention. These will be used to monitor progress throughout the intervention. 
During the Intervention 
SAFS Officers work in a proactive, responsive and sensitive way with schools, students, parents/carers and outside agencies. We will: 
· Establish a relationship of understanding and trust between students, parents/ carers and schools 
· Understand and assess students’ individual needs 
· Provide appropriate support to students, families and schools to ensure a successful reintegration 
· Help organise transport and uniform if necessary 
· Liaise with other agencies and make referrals as necessary 
Our Curriculum 
The SAFS Officer will work 1:1 with the student in the school once a week.  Our curriculum is based on the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL), which covers: 
· Managing Feelings 
· Self-Awareness 
· Motivation 
· Empathy 
· Social Skills 
We Also Cover: 
· Attendance 
· Healthy Living 
At the End of the Intervention 
Officers write updates for the Area Panels based on reviews and communication with the schools, parent/carers and students. At the end of the intervention we may recommend an extension to the intervention or suggest alternative actions to meet the student’s needs. 
For a Managed Move, if the student has successfully settled in the new school, the SAFS Officer will make final recommendations for the school, student and family and close their support. It is the Head teacher of the receiving school who will decide when the student will be put on roll. This may be after the Officer has finished their support. 
If the intervention has not been successful, the case must be discussed at the next available Area Panel for a review of the case.